Me, myself and I – How dyspraxia affects me 

So not all people with dyspraxia have the same symptoms. So what makes me dyspraxic then……The main definition of my dyspraxia is I have an unusual gait -meaning how my hips move to make me walk. Therefore it affects my physical ability and I struggle with tasks such as running, skipping, going up and down stairs. 

I have poor balance so can appear clumsy or bump into things. Have even been told I look drunk when I’m completely sober!! 

I have poor hand/eye co-ordination so struggle with throwing and catching. Easiest way to describe it is playing rounders I couldn’t time my swing right to hit the ball I’d completely miss it 

Poor muscle tone. Meaning my muscles aren’t as strong as they should be. So I can’t always stand or sit for too long. I’m constantly moving round. I also suffer really bad cramp and my knees lock at least once a day 

As well as physically dyspraxia affects me socially and emotionally do. I find it hard to keep my emotions in check. Can’t always take jokes as jokes. When I was younger I had low self esteem and confidence though as I’ve got older my confidence has defiantly improved. 

Loud noises can also annoy me. My main one is balloons popping, it’s so bad I really don’t even like being in same room as balloons. I’m getting better with loud environments once I started going out and going to concerts. 

I can also talk in terms of good days and bad days….I tweet a lot about these days. 

Finally as well as being right handed I am right sided. I do everything with my right side first. Even the simplest of tasks or movements using my left side can prove difficult or look awkward. 

That’s just a summary of how it affects me. In other posts I’ll mention these areas in more detail and why it makes me do the things I do. 

You see dyspraxia is a condition that affects every area of your life 🙂

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