So what is Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a condition in the family of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) . The word Dyspraxia is of Greek origin. The part -Dys means ill and -praxis means doing. Therefore it means ill doing.
Definition of dyspraxia is “ an impairment of immaturity of the organisation of movement” which is where it gets its other name Clumsy child syndrome.
The brain of a child or adult with dyspraxia can’t process information correctly therefore causing signals from the brain to parts of the body to be misinterpreted. We have trouble planning planning our movements and co-ordinating our bodies to make those movements. We therefore have no ultimate knowledge of what our bodies can do.
There is no cure for dyspraxia it is a life long condition, when children become adults they have to learn how to adapt the world around them to fit in with their dyspraxia.
That’s a very brief summary of dyspraxia. In following posts I will talk about the particular symptoms I have, how it affected me in school, how it is at work and how it affects me generally day to day. Also what I’m doing to change people’s perception on people with dyspraxia and other hidden disabilities.
Please feel free to ask me any questions or here or on Twitter. It’s XxAmyxPopxX.

Thank you

Amy xxx

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