Open University

I am currently an Open University level 2 student and I am studying an English based course called Worlds of English which is part of my Open Degree. The Open Degree allows me to pick a selection of course to best reflect the primary curriculum. After this course I will complete courses at level 3 and then I will hopefully achieve a degree. I will use my degree once completing other qualifications to undertake an PGCE in Primary Education to get my dream job of being a Primary School Teacher.

I choose to go to Open University as I didn’t get the required grades at school as I was caring for my dad and I have to work to keep a roof over my head. 

I have actually surprised myself and last year I got my first A for an assignment. Yes it’s hard because you have to motivate yourself to study but I think it makes you a better student.

One thing that has been great is they accept my disability and have made changes for me…for example all my course books are spiral bound, I get transcripts of DVDs, they let me know earlier when my exams are in case it’s an unfamiliar place. They also take into condsideration of the anniversaries of my parents passing which I don’t think you’d get any other university.

I would honestly recommend anyone to study with the Open Univeristy. 

If you have any questions about OU then ask me on here or on Twitter @XxAmyxPopxX 

Amy 💜

10 thoughts on “Open University”

  1. Hi Amy
    Great to see you doing so well. You deserve it. I’ve been in the Usual Place and it’s very nice. I look forward to following your blog.

    Jackie Breakenridge

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  2. Maths is what I meant. I need Standard Grade Maths for my PGDE in secondary and I didn’t have it either, so I do it at night class at Carlisle one night a week. You should do it next year. x


    1. Hmmm I’m focusing on getting my degree first as I am not totally sure teaching is what I want to do, still trying too keep my options open. But yes doing in Carlisle whether English or Maths is an option X


  3. Hiya Miss Amy, I’m currently in my second year at open uni studying for my history degree. I passed my first year and doing OK up to now with yr 2. I am hoping to eventually become a tutor or work at a university with anything to do with history.
    Hope that we can keep in touch Amy. I’m on f/b x


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