Team Max!!!! Part One

How do I explain Team Max?…

Well have you heard of Max Bowden, he played Justin Fitzgerald in the last series of the BBC show Waterloo Road.

I am part of the number one fan account for him along with my Twitter bestie Hannah.

It all started in November 2014 when Max’s character Justin started a relationship with soon to be Step sister Tiffany played by Sammy Oliver which had the ship name Jiffany. I began talking to Hannah after I saw she liked Jiffany too and so we created @TeamJiffany on Twitter.

We began by tweeting along with the show what was happening to Justin and Hannah would post her awesome edits. From the account we also formed many friendships and became a little WR/Max Family, with me as the ‘big sister’! We had follows and Favs from Max and Sammy followed by many more RTs, Tweets and DMs from Max. Our favourites being “LOVE U” and “I love you guys”

Then the opportunity came in April when Waterloo Road had finished to meet Max along with his Waterloo Road co stars at a tour hosted by Hussians House. Hannanh met Max in London and I met him in Glasgow. I remember I was so nervous I couldn’t eat my tea before I went but when Max saw me at top of stairs and said “Aww I know who you are, your Amy” I knew I had done the right thing going that distance on my own. Max totally appreciated all that we done on the fan account for him 😊


Selfie with Max πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ


After Waterloo Road Max went on the road with the touring production of Birdsong playing the role of Tipper and Gregorie. I went to see him in it in Edinburgh in April, on my own off course. Max was amazing in this he really made you believe he was a scared 15 year old who had found himself in the terror of the trenches of World War One. There was honestly real tears at this points. Then his French accent as Gregorie was so funny. He took the time out of busy schedule to speak to me and sign a few things after the show which he didn’t have too but meant so much too me….

Selfie with Max after Birdsong 😊😍😊🎭
To Amy Love Max Bowden XΒ 

That’s part one, ha!

Part Two coming up very soon

Amy πŸ’œ

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