Team Max – Part Three

Sunday 6th September 2015 

My journey started at 00.20 when I got on a coach from my home town all the way too London, nine hours later I arrived!! I meet Hannah and her Dad then we made our way to the venue. Now it was time too find Max 😊

We stood where the players were coming in and out to the warm up areas….and we spotted him, he looked straight up too us and smiled 😊 Ahh no sleep and nine hours on coach totally worth it for that smile.

He chatted to us for a bit before he started playing, mentioning he didnt like the colour of his football strip (Being an Annan girl, I quite like black and gold/yellow).
team max 1                                                                                    Team Max reunited again – This has to be my favourite Team Max picture 🙂

(Picture Credit – Steve Burcombe)

We followed him around the various pitches he was playing on with our banner. I’m impressed with our banned considering one half was made in Annan and other on Isle of Wight.  By this point I was getting a little tired and my muscles were starting to hurt but I knew I was going to speak to Max again soon so I muddled on. Max noticed our banned quite quickly and he even gave us a cheeky wink too 😉

team max 2                                                                                      Me and Hannah with our Team Max Banner 🙂

(Picture Credit – Steve Burcombe)

So the games finished and Max’s team didn’t win….boohoo 🙁 After a little searching we found him again. We gave him a few gifts and a good luck card – many a hug, thank you so much and your just too sweet followed – he copied my accent a few times, lol 😊

Now unfortunately my lovely blog readers the events that followed have to be classified as Strictly between Team Max!!!

I am sorry I can’t say but I don’t want to be seen as bragging or being special……

That time I hate came saying goodbye as both me and Hannah had to get coaches home.

Soon I was on a coach back to Carlisle followed by an early train back to Annan, it was then sleep before work in the evening. To some it might have been madness but I honestly can I say I don’t regret it at all.

I sent Max a DM on Twitter thanking him for everything and he replied with

Thank you amazing Amy. I will see you soon promise. Lots and LOTS of love. Max x

I will hold that reply forever, now I don’t know when I’ll see him or Hannah again but I just hope it’s soon. Oh and I’ll be blogging about it too.
Amy 💜

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