Team Max – Part Two

So the best opportunity ever came to Team Max when Max announced he would be playing in a charity football event called Star Football in Liverpool in May 2015. It meant long journeys for both of us but it meant that we could meet each other and Max together.

On our Twitter page we decided to get our followers involved by making a fan book for Max with sections on Waterloo Road, Jiffany, Jonnie,Jenzie, Birdsong, Anti Bullying, Singing as well as fan messages. It was a big project and became bigger than we imagined but in the end it worked.

Saturday 30th May 2015

My day began very early and with three trains but finally I arrived at Liverpool Lime Street Station and I met Hannah along with her Dad, Steve (our team max photographer) . We went to the venue and after a while we got in…..then we saw Max!!

Now however at this point I must say I can’t tell you everything that happened that day, some things just have to stay between us but all I can say is It was one of the best days ever!! 

We met Max and his girlfriend Lucy, she is very lovely too.They loved our Team Max on Tour T-shirts. We saw Max play, he’s rather into his football he supports some team called Chelsea! We were cheering him from the sidelines, his team played very well. Then the time came to give him his fan book, from the expression in his face he wasn’t expecting it be as big as it was or in as much detail, he had a quick look through it and thanked us for our amazing efforts. We chatted so much that day which was lovely, I really didn’t want it too end 🙁 Afterwords he DMd us on Twitter and RTd and tweeted us too 😊😊

img_0015                  Picture of Hannah, Me and Max with Max holding his fan book. Just love his smile in this one 😊😍

(Picture Credit – Steve Burcombe)

img_0010Team Max picture : Amy, Max,Hannah and Lucy – Do you like our T-Shirts?.
(Picture credit – Steve Burcombe) 

So that’s part two over and done with…..part three coming up soon (last part)

Amy 💜

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