Blogging Madness!!! 

Well I’ve went from just creating this one on Sunday 3rd January to spread the word about dyspraxia to a blog I wrote for Anti Bullying Pro on my experience of bullying and how I overcame it being published to now also writing one for The Strong Young Minds Project.

Being Miss Amy Wright Blog

I have had previous blogs on tumblr but not many people read them and I didn’t post on regulary. Then through reading one of my Twitter followers Emily’s blog on WordPress and that of fellow dyspraxics Natalie and Rosie’s I thought id give it a go…. Little did I know by sharing it on Facebook in particular I would get so much praise for my writing 

So I am 100% continuing this blog 😊

Anti Bullying Blog 

It started as a give it a shot email and ended with me writing a blog for the website of Anti Bullying Pro.An organisation  which forms part of the Diana Award with the purpose of tackling bullying in schools through its ambassador programmes and supporters. I feel in a very privileged position to do this. To share my story and how I have moved on and became the person I am today. If it gives one young person the courage to speak out about bullying or inspires them…well then I have succeeded.

But you may ask why in the first place did I email. Well I first heard of them as my fave – Max Bowden is a supporter of Anti Bullying. I read his Back 2 School Blog then decided too look further at the organisation. From then I believed in their philosophy and wanted to try and be involved anyway I could.
Strong Young Minds Project

I posted the link to my Anti Bullying Blog on Twitter, tagging @AntiBullyingPro and within 10 minutes it had been quoted by Strong Young Minds Project calling it’s followers to read it. They asked me to have a look at their blog posts and if I wanted to contribute. I read a few blog posts including Naomi, Lydia and Anita and was drawn into the posts and wanted to be involved in the blog.

Simple Young Minds is a Big lottery funded project with the aim of improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Herefordshire. They work with young people on issues that can have an adverse affect on their mental health and well being such as bullying, cyber bullying and low self esteem.

I’m in the process of creating my profile for the page and deciding what I blog about. I’ve also been connected to other bloggers.
Through all of my blogs I want to help people through problems and educate people to dyspraxia and other issues.

I hope my blogs make you stop and think for a few moments.


Amy 💜

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