Double…triple…quadruple check 

If anyone has ever tried to leave somewhere at the same time as me or been out and about with me…you may have noticed something my constant need to keep checking that I’ve got everything. I can take me a few extra minutes just to leave the house. Now for most of my life I just think it’s me being me and over cautious but is it or does my dyspraxic have something to do with it. 

People with dyspraxia have excellent long term memories but their short term memory can be very poor. So maybe I just forget that I’ve put my phone and purse back in my bag or that I did in fact switch the cooker off when I finished using it…..

Leaving the house to go to work or too go out can be the worst once I’m ready and got my coat on etc. I have to double check that 

  • The oven or hob is off – even if I know I haven’t used it
  • The fridge door is shut properly 
  • The taps are off
  • The taps are off in bathroom 
  • My phone or iPad charger is taken out of socket 
  • All lights are switched off
  • That I have actually locked my front door 

Even though when I’ve used the tap I turn it off, or turn light off I an room or close the fridge door 

    I have been in the past known to ask someone to drive back round to my house to check this or even walked back if walking to work … Sorry to those who have had to do this.

    Think this also shows when people tell me things like what our plans will be and unless I write them down or screenshot I can instantly forget them. So I quite often double check plans a lot…..I want to say I am getting a little better?! 

    It does have its frustrations though I can be at work or out and I am constantly thinking too myself that I have switched off cooker or lock the door. I can at these times see my mood drop and I’m mot fully focused what is happening around me.

    I don’t know if this offers an explanation to why I do this but it kind of in a way offers some comfort that it’s just nit me being weird… It would be great to have feedback from other people who have dyspraxia if they do the same. 

    Amy 💜
    Next blog posts – There’s early and then there’s Amy early,my need for organisation…..(probably what the next ones will be) 

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