Mrs Edna Wright(Gracie) -My Mum 

As most people are celebrating the beginning of the new year, I do too but without the two most important people in my life – my mum and dad! January marks the last memories I have off mum as she died at 10.30am on 19th January 2000. 

It’s amazing what I can remember from being born to the age of eight even now but they are mainly happy memories that make me smile. Some however are not happy…..

Millennium – It’s one in a lifetime opportunity to be alive when a millennium occurs. We were a happy family unit of four (mum, dad, me and my step brother Fraser) I remember the table being moved into the living room from the kitchen and on the table was confetti with 2000 on it. Think we had ham for tea too….we had no idea what would follow. 

18th January 2000 – Mum was unwell she had been for a few days but we thought it was the usual winter cold. I came home from school and did homework with mum including my extra spelling practice she liked to do with me. After that mum decided to have an early night but I said I’d come through before I went to bed….nothing can prepare an eight year old for what they saw(I won’t go into detail) I remember my dad called my granny first and then the ambulance. The ambulance came and then got started helping mum I want to say there was hope but I could see in my dads eyes maybe this wasn’t the case. So my dad went to hospital with mum in the ambulance and I went to my granny and papa’s house. 

19th January 2000 – I came into the living room at my granny’s and my dad was there. He said there is something I need to tell you. I can’t remember his exact words but he told me mum was up in heaven. After that my memory is hazy I suppose I just want to forget the next few months that followed…….bullying and family arguments with me in the middle. 

By the time I reached end of primary six so I was ten years old me and Dad became our own little team working together. I was always a Daddy’s girl from when I was born as my Mum was too scared to bath me of pick me up. Nothing or no one was going too get inbeweteen me and my Dad. As he said “right my name, right my nature” 

It’s taken me a lot of years just to be able to say this too myself and then too others. So posting this on my blog is a really big deal! 

Happy memories are off course there too : making my packed lunch box, helping me with school work, coming into school when I got my pupil of month award, holidays to Blackpool and Scarborgh, Annan Riding of the Marches, last holiday to Strathcylde and Pitlochry,going to see her at work at Victoria Wine….. Plus many more

If anyone has any questions or wants any help if you are going through something similar then please don’t hesitate to contact me on here or Twitter @XxAmyxPopxX
Amy 💜

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