I’ve rembered I have a BLOG, ha! 

Hello there……have you missed me??? It’s been around two months since my last post. I’ve just been caught up with work, uni work, voluntary work to write blogs. Also the very sudden passing of my dear Granny at end of February. 

I’m not saying I’m back yet…….but I will try to start and write some more blogs. I do really enjoy writing my blogs. 

In just over a weeks time I’ll be off to Cardiff too see Max in a musical called Only the Brave along with my bestie Hannah. I totally can’t wait it’s been so long since I saw either of them. It’s going t be one long journey…..plenty of time for blog writing me thinks 😉

Then in April I’m off to Preston and Manchester. In Manchester to go a Dyspraxia Foundation Conference which is so exciting to finally talk to people my age who have Dyspraxia. In Preston I’ll be finally be meeting Nikki, she is one of my longest standing Twitter friends. We’ve been friends for two years now and I totally can’t wait too finally meet her. 

So you may see a blog about my adventures over the coming months 😊

I hope to be back with my insights into Dyspraxia blogs in the summer when I’ve finished uni for the summer. 

So it’s goodbye from me for now 
Amz 💜