I’ve remembered I’m a blogger……..AGAIN!!

Well folks……….I’m Back!!!! Thought it was time I wrote something seeing as I’m off university for the summer……… Okay I have like a month left!!!

I’ve had a pretty busy start too 2017 and each month seems to be filled with adventures and amazing opportunities. Over the next few blogs I will aim to summarise January to August 2017 as consisely as I can

But here are a few personal highlights for me

  • I met Max for the 6th, 7th and 8th time
  • I met Gemma for the first time
  • I met Danny Boy twice 
  • Met two little people for the first time – Cameron and Ethan
  • I went too London two weekends in a row
  • I met my Twitter friends Heather and Brittany
  • I got prizes in two The Band fans competitions
  • I passed my Open Uni course with a A!!!!! In my final project
  • I have a BA Open Degree
  • Was on local news!!!!!
  • Had my first official house guest – Nikki 
  • Adventured too Swansea 

Okay okay…..not highlights as such but an overview of what I’ve done the last eight months…..
So over the next two blogs (maybe more) I will explain a little more about the above highlights and lots of other amazing things to happen. After these summary ones I will blog more about dyspraxia and my life in general. So please keep reading my blogs…………….I may, I may do a Vlog in the future (Eeek!, I’ve been watching a lot of Carrie Hope Fletcher and Disney Matt!!) 
Amy 💜