My most important adventure! – Showing the ABILITY within the disABILITY!!

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m sitting at Carlisle train station with a Salted Caramel Latte and writing this blog waiting for my train.I’m off to Edinburgh today for the RI World Congress on Disability. Over 1,000 experts in Disability come together from all across the world with the aim of creating a more inclusive world  and accessible for all.  Over three days there are workshops, presentations, speeches, fringe events from across the looking at all aspects that relate to the lives of Disabled people. 

Day one focuses on Employment, Education and Skills which looks at how polices can be put into practice to allow people with disabilities to access education, employment and training. This is what The Usual Place does, I’m so looking forward to this day and to see what I can learn from other countries while at the same time spreading the word about The Usual Place.

The focus of day two looks at how it is best to support people with disabilities to live independently through policies and practical information. Also building on from the previous day with sessions on UK employment . Well this is what I do everyday, I adapt to what I do everyday to fit around my dyspraxia and I work to be able to do this. 

And day three looks at how we can take ideas from around the world to help us make the world more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Well in theory is the conclusion of the whole Congress and the ultimate aim to happen in this world.

Now my feelings are mixed, I’m excited but nervous too. It does help that Sue and Ged will be there too which gives me some comfort. 

Look out for blog updates throughout the week and when I come home plus my usual facebook and Twitter updates too!

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I’ve rembered I have a BLOG, ha! 

Hello there……have you missed me??? It’s been around two months since my last post. I’ve just been caught up with work, uni work, voluntary work to write blogs. Also the very sudden passing of my dear Granny at end of February. 

I’m not saying I’m back yet…….but I will try to start and write some more blogs. I do really enjoy writing my blogs. 

In just over a weeks time I’ll be off to Cardiff too see Max in a musical called Only the Brave along with my bestie Hannah. I totally can’t wait it’s been so long since I saw either of them. It’s going t be one long journey…..plenty of time for blog writing me thinks 😉

Then in April I’m off to Preston and Manchester. In Manchester to go a Dyspraxia Foundation Conference which is so exciting to finally talk to people my age who have Dyspraxia. In Preston I’ll be finally be meeting Nikki, she is one of my longest standing Twitter friends. We’ve been friends for two years now and I totally can’t wait too finally meet her. 

So you may see a blog about my adventures over the coming months 😊

I hope to be back with my insights into Dyspraxia blogs in the summer when I’ve finished uni for the summer. 

So it’s goodbye from me for now 
Amz 💜

Me, myself and I – How dyspraxia affects me 

So not all people with dyspraxia have the same symptoms. So what makes me dyspraxic then……The main definition of my dyspraxia is I have an unusual gait -meaning how my hips move to make me walk. Therefore it affects my physical ability and I struggle with tasks such as running, skipping, going up and down stairs. 

I have poor balance so can appear clumsy or bump into things. Have even been told I look drunk when I’m completely sober!! 

I have poor hand/eye co-ordination so struggle with throwing and catching. Easiest way to describe it is playing rounders I couldn’t time my swing right to hit the ball I’d completely miss it 

Poor muscle tone. Meaning my muscles aren’t as strong as they should be. So I can’t always stand or sit for too long. I’m constantly moving round. I also suffer really bad cramp and my knees lock at least once a day 

As well as physically dyspraxia affects me socially and emotionally do. I find it hard to keep my emotions in check. Can’t always take jokes as jokes. When I was younger I had low self esteem and confidence though as I’ve got older my confidence has defiantly improved. 

Loud noises can also annoy me. My main one is balloons popping, it’s so bad I really don’t even like being in same room as balloons. I’m getting better with loud environments once I started going out and going to concerts. 

I can also talk in terms of good days and bad days….I tweet a lot about these days. 

Finally as well as being right handed I am right sided. I do everything with my right side first. Even the simplest of tasks or movements using my left side can prove difficult or look awkward. 

That’s just a summary of how it affects me. In other posts I’ll mention these areas in more detail and why it makes me do the things I do. 

You see dyspraxia is a condition that affects every area of your life 🙂

So what is Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a condition in the family of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) . The word Dyspraxia is of Greek origin. The part -Dys means ill and -praxis means doing. Therefore it means ill doing.
Definition of dyspraxia is “ an impairment of immaturity of the organisation of movement” which is where it gets its other name Clumsy child syndrome.
The brain of a child or adult with dyspraxia can’t process information correctly therefore causing signals from the brain to parts of the body to be misinterpreted. We have trouble planning planning our movements and co-ordinating our bodies to make those movements. We therefore have no ultimate knowledge of what our bodies can do.
There is no cure for dyspraxia it is a life long condition, when children become adults they have to learn how to adapt the world around them to fit in with their dyspraxia.
That’s a very brief summary of dyspraxia. In following posts I will talk about the particular symptoms I have, how it affected me in school, how it is at work and how it affects me generally day to day. Also what I’m doing to change people’s perception on people with dyspraxia and other hidden disabilities.
Please feel free to ask me any questions or here or on Twitter. It’s XxAmyxPopxX.

Thank you

Amy xxx